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Chemical peel

Chemical peels are an anti-aging procedure that have been established for decades in cosmetic dermatology and can produce excellent results in experienced hands. Chemical peels are based on fruit acids which dissolve the skin cell associations in different layers depending on the concentration. As a result, the “old” skin peels and is replaced by new, “fresher” skin as part of the wound healing process.

  • Coarsened skin structure
  • Coarsened pores
  • Blemished skin, acne
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Uneven complexion
  • Creases
  • Loss of resilience and elasticity of the skin

A pretreatment of 4 weeks with a special night cream is ideal. Although this pretreatment can lead to slight redness and irritation, it is intentional as it prepares the patient’s skin for the subsequent chemical peel. In addition, sunscreen SPF 50 must be applied consistently 4 weeks before treatment to prevent hyperpigmentation (dark discoloration).

There are superficial, medium-deep and deep peels. Superficial peels have to be applied about 3 times every 2-4 weeks to achieve the desired effect, but they have fewer temporary “side effects” such as redness and scabs. For medium-deep peels, one treatment is usually sufficient, but the patient needs to accept more downtime (redness and scabs). Dr Gieres would be happy to clarify with you which peel is best for your skin in a personal consultation.

First of all, the skin is sufficiently cleaned and disinfected. The peel is then applied and left on for about 3-4 minutes. During the chemical peel, you may experience a slight tingling sensation and/or slight burning sensation on the skin, which will quickly subside after neutralizing the peel.

After the treatment, temporary reddening and, with medium-deep peels (TCA peel), scabs are to be expected. In any case, the « dead » skin will slightly peel off in some places. This process takes about 1 week and should be planned with regard to professional or private obligations.

The follow-up treatment consists of everyday use of sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50 as well as a special night cream. Sauna and spa should be avoided for 2 weeks. Make up should only be reapplied after 12 hours. Further details will be given by our specialist Dr. Gieres.

Dr Gieres is happy to answer any further questions regarding the treatment during a private consultation.